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Monday, May 7, 2012

The American Creed

I believe in God--the Invisible Maker and Bestower of All Wealth.

I believe in the Divine Messenger(s)* from God whose words are inscribed in the Holy Book** written by people inspired by God.

I believe in the Sacred Institution(s)*** established through God's Messenger(s) in order to communicate God's words and commandments and to interpret them for our times in order to guide individual behavior and the behaviors of all governments and secular institutions.

I believe that it is through the sacred institutions that individuals hear God and work together for the individual and family wealth of all believers.

I believe in God's Commandments**** as delivered by the Divine Messenger(s) as the font of human and American morality and commerce.

I believe in America which is chosen by God to be the light of individual liberty and the right of all individuals to pursue their own happiness through their own labor.  I believe that the divinely prescribed good for America, God's Will, is served when all citizens work to pursue their own goods in a free market.

I believe America is harmed when its governments and secular institutions undermine sacred institutions and infringe on the responsibility of individuals to pursue their own wealth.

I believe that God has blessed America with great resources and commands that Americans multiply through family life, work hard to gather the resources of the earth that God has provided, and use these resources to be happy and to create other resources for the personal happiness of all believers.

I believe that America's destiny and duty is to advance and protect (militarily if necessary) property and wealth for all believers through gathering and using the resources of the earth.

I believe that God rewards those who follow the commandments with happiness including the ability to produce and consume goods in this life and beyond.

* Moses, Jesus, the Prophet, Moroni, Founding Father, Adam Smith
** Torah, Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Constitution, Declaration
*** Temple, Church, Islam, Conference, Supreme Court
**** See ten commandments in blog 5/7/2012

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