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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Man With the Gun

The Man With the Gun
(See WP Sept 17, 2016)

Stolid he stands on his hilltop
Cradling AR15 in tattooed arms,
Surveying the scene of his household,
Walled by cameras, lights, and alarms.

Sighting a stray dog on the plains,
Knows he could kill with one squeeze.
Control and feel of cold metal
Puts ever sense of disquiet at ease.

Tomorrow he'll carry open to Walmart,
Drive his truck NRA sticker select,
Cops even to check a drivers license,
Would approach with care and respect.

Parking to traverse the great mall,
Where shadowed unknown terror lurks,
Watching perps from sides of his eyes,
Mostly robed women and brown Turks.

Shoppers will stare out in silence;
Armed he strides aisles of the store,
Some slip hands in purse pocket or holster,
Making room for the stone faced warrior.

Most he has they will get if he lets them.
Much they have now stealthily taken.
Wages, fruits, and the pride of the nation
All liberal enablers have left forsaken.

Back to moated fortress he carries
AR open for everyone to see,
Fearing none who want to slay him,
Ready to fight on the side of the free.

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