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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two in One

I know there is a brain

I know there is a brain in my head.  But it's like someone else.

I seek the remembrance of someone.  It does not come.

Then I am jogging alone, fixing only on my goal.

And boom--the name appears.  I speak it.

I seek the solution to my problem.  I cannot find it.

Then I am sleeping quiet, well maybe a snore.

And boom--the answer arrives.  I have it.

Funny brain!  where did you find it?

Or was it there all the time and I just didn't see?

Neurons, synapses doing their divinity thing?

Who is my brain?  Me, but not.



I meet at town center park with friends and foes.

I question church and state, morality and policy.

I confront all patriotic and orthodox beliefs.

I flirt with actions to change the rules.

I expose my theories and join protests against them.

I return home to fight the greatest critic of them all.


Whom do I want to live with?

A swindler who will deceive for advantage?

A zealot who will sacrifice persons for principles?

A patriot encouraging murder, torture, domination?

A thug who can be cruel to get his way?

A functionary more interested in rules than people?

A zombie that cares not for history or the future?

A dullard who takes in media without thought?

A hustler who considers no consequences for others?

A believer without a sense of humor?

A politician for economic wealth over all?

It's not a question of altruism over selfishness,

or even right and wrong.

It is a question of

Whom do I want to live with.

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