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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Returning Ahead

Today I start a new regime.

Now retired and settled in Takoma Park, MD, each morning I will run or bike and then write.  My focus will be the "New Ethics" which I have already studied and treated extensively.  My writing will consist in dialogues with old and new authors, reflections on events, responses to readers (real and fictitious), or just big and little thoughts that arrive in my morning meditations.  I write primarily for me--to hone my thinking and writing skills; but I welcome anyone to overhear the conversation I am having with myself and insert herself in that conversation.

Here are some ideas I want to discuss:

The myth of authenticity.
The care of self--a dialogue with Michel Foucault.
Truth in Politics.
Res Urbana and Civil Society.
Ethics over religion--a dialogue with Richard Dawkins.
A Political Myers-Briggs: why some of us are far right or left out?
Ethics and Consumer Morality--a dialogue with Zygmunt Bauman
Singularity, Empathy, and Promised Land--a dialogue with Jeremy Rifkin and Ray Kurzweil
Language, Consciousness and Conscience--what neuropsychology has to say about ethics.
Enemies and Friends--what evolutionary anthropology has to say about ethics.
Is there an American Ethic--a dialogue with John Dewey and Richard Rorty?