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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Playing with Ideas

Theoretical astrophysicists just ended an international conference to solve the paradox of black holes.

But they didn't.

The problem is where does the information go as a black hole--like the one in the center of our galaxy--withers away. According to quantum theory which governs the smallest particles of matter, information cannot be lost. But according to general relativity laws which govern the largest bodies of matter, black holes are collapsing in upon themselves by their massive gravitational pull to become the smallest particles of matter while radiating out energy and so annihilating its information.

This discussion is important because it will help explain the origins of our universe in the Big Bang.

So scientists are trying to resolve the paradox by coming up with a super theory that covers quantum and general relative theories. Or something like that. Read the article.

Brian Green and many other string theorists think that the solution is in a theory that proposes a multiverse. That is, our universe may be just one universe among an infinite number of parallel or simultaneous universes. Listen here.

So does the collapsing black hole become a new quantum fluctuation into or big bang out to a new universe? Is every point, e.g. every bit of dark matter, in our universe connected to another universe? And so on ad infinitum?

Well, think about that. We occupy a small piece of geography on a very small planet revolving around a very small star far from the center of a galaxy of billions of stars that is just one galaxy in a million galaxies of a universe that may be just a point in another universe.

That's pretty humbling. Even more so when you compare our time and space with the times and spaces of all this universe and possibly many others.

And yet, any point on an infinite line, x, y, or z, or in any infinite sphere whether within or outside all other infinite spheres, is still at the center.

So I am and we are at the center of it all, expanding and contracting, reaching out and zeroing in, and can think about all this. Appreciate, celebrate, be grateful for this very tiny moment in which we big bang out to all in all. I am.

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