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Sunday, November 29, 2015


Every now and then I have to check in with myself or whoever I happen to be at the time.

Why am I so interested in the mind? I inquire into the nature of mind (though I don't believe in natures) as a way to articulate and critique ethics and politics.

Mind is Shiva--the creator and the destroyer.
It's not a matter to control mind. It's not a mind to control matter. Grasp the tension.

Mind is imagination: making, assembling, changing, smashing, and worshiping images. Oral, visual, aural, tangible, odorous, savory images with our bodies. Words and statements, models and formulas, forms and compositions.

Knowing the world is creating it through our imagination. We are who, what, and how we imagine right here and now.

I am biased in favor of the survival of imagination which might be lost in the extinction of humanity. Intelligent life exists elsewhere in the cosmos. But imagination? We do not know.

Understanding imagination, its limits and possibilities, is a way to freedom which is taking the responsibility for what we are creating and changing. We can choose to create or destroy not only images, but also imagination. We choose our imagination even when it enslaves and destroys us. Unless we take responsibility for our personal and collective imagination, we are complicit in its destiny.

At this point in human evolution, imagination can only be saved if it accepts itself as imagination--story telling. The artist, the scientist, the philosopher, the religionist are all fictional characters in the story they are telling. I am my story. We are our story. A story of stories with many tellers, writers, illustrators, and actors. How will the story end? Will it?

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