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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pass this on!

To stop this madness, to continue to resist the authoritarianism of the new administration, how about we work with students, labor unions, and churches on a general strike and boycott? Unless the plutocrats and oligarchs of the US feel the heat, the swamp will continue to grow. Protest and march, yes. But let's build the coalition of workers, students, and progressive religious. Now. 

We know how to do this. We have all the connections to make it possible.

There are thousands of churches, synagogues, mosques organized through CO networks, PICO, IAF, Gamaliel, DART, etc.
AFL-CIO: SEIU, ILWU, Auto Workers, Electrical Workers, etc.
Colleges and universities--all of them. Let's get it together. Forget who gets the credit! Let's get the results.

You want to save democracy? You want to save civil society? Here and throughout the world?

Let's get together.  I believe that Bernie Sander's campaign identified most of our issues. Health care for all, living wage, full employment, comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together, housing affordable to all, free public education, rights for women and minorities, and of course save the planet as the condition for the life of our children. 

Transcend but use the political parties. We can do this. I'm ready. Are you?