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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cousin Vinnie Again

Cousin Vinnie has been a good foil for me. He helps me work out my thoughts.

The other day he accused me that like all "Demos," I use the race thing to defend Obama.

Here is my response to him.

Dear Cousin Vinnie,

I'll say it one more time. Though you never seem to hear me. I am a critic of Obama and his administration and have been. For many reasons he is not living up to his promise.Though most of those reasons have to do with people in Congress who refuse to let him (and the nation) succeed. 

I do NOT like Obamacare, though it is better than what we have at present, because it continues to pay off those most responsible for the high and unaffordable cost of healthcare--which is what the Democrats and many liberals always do. I do not support people because of their Party. I have often voted for Republicans. I do not like partisan politics. And while I am more of a libertarian in cultural affairs, more a social democrat in economic affairs, I am totally a conservative republican in political affairs. Quit stereotyping me and calling names.

I understand why you in the Tea Party are angry, disgusted, feeling used and powerless. I am too. But you tea-partiers are directing your anger at the wrong people and institutions. This is not unusual. Scapegoating, hatred of outsiders, and victim-bashing has always been done by people who feel powerless or think their privileged position is slipping away. I learned this in Chicago among the ethnic white families who were trying to save their neighborhoods. But they in their anger often simply blamed what was closest to them because they didn't understand what was happening and who was really gaining in block-busting and red-lining. They just knew they were losing.

You tea-partiers have very legitimate gripes and concerns. We share the same pains. But you are targeting the wrong people and institutions. And you are letting your anger, fear of loss, and hate of "outsiders" (those different from you) blind you. And you are always negative. You attack without offering realistic and unifying solutions. The Tea Party should be stimulating a revolution, but instead is reenforcing the very people and institutions that are causing the problem. Unfortunately the Tea Party which could have been a movement for liberation is resurrecting the secessionist ante-bellum southern strategy--in line with the Confederacy, the KKK, the John Birch Society, and McCarthyism. That is sad. And the leaders and pundits and financial supporters of the Tea Party are laughing all the way to the bank (e.g. Sara Palin has made $12 million since she quit Alaska); and the little people who have been riled up to fear, hate, and be angry are getting screwed again.

I envision a majority non-partisan strategy that cuts across liberal and conservative tags, that is truly local and grassroots, building inclusive communities where hardworking people have basic services, opportunity, safety and the capacity to innovate. That will not happen through party politics or national government bureaucracy. That will not be brought about by the Ted Cruzes or Barack Obamas.  And it is only when that happens will the Boehners and Reids work things out for all of us. 

I am sorry you cannot see that I am in your corner. I am also sorry that you cannot see that you are being used.

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