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Monday, November 4, 2013

All's well that ends. Well?

Months of planning our six week European adventure--mostly by Bernie. Now its over. So quickly! Only memories and some photos. They remain in the cloud.

We saw lots of monuments to dead people.

And cemeteries.

It's Autumn and the leaves are turning and falling. Days are shorter. I'm 75--still kicking but at least three quarters to game's end. And so it goes.

Science is endeavoring to immortalize human bodies and their souls. One way of realizing the myth of eternal life. That might be a good thing--or not.

More than organisms with neuronic memories, we are our stories. Some of us, the famous ones, tell them well. But the rest of us, we who listen, appreciate, and repeat them in our own ways, who teach them to our children, or just live them out with others are just as important. Together we are combining, illustrating, weaving, dramatizing the whole human story. Our moments contribute to that story. Our little adventures do not compare to those of Ulysses or Faust or Lincoln, but they too make up the whole story.

But stories must end to be good stories. A beginning, a middle, and end-- although we always start in medias res.

The Universal Story as well? Perhaps. Scientists tell us that the earth will be eventually swallowed by an expanding then exploding sun; and the universe will be stretch into cold death. Will the Story endure?

We act as though it will. We enjoy our moments, start another project, seek out another adventure--even though it be our last. We act to ensure that it will.

Start planning, Bernie.