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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

While Jogging 'Long Sligo Creek

While jogging 'long Sligo Creek with abandoned mind,
Fall leaves falling splashing red and yellow on the trail,
In one of the densest urban communities of the nation,
Crisscrossing jungle gyms, slides, swings, and swinging ropes,
Fronting houses and apartment buildings I could not see,
For the trees,

I heard the unnoise of gurgling brook and twirping birds,
The silent clap of my sneakers on pavement or dirt,
Passing--being passed--by old and young, black, white, brown,
Quietly talking, walking from/to store or library close by,
Couples of all sexes hand in hand, helmeted children riding bikes
To/from schools.

Bless you foresighters, planners, architects of public realms,
Resisting the mean and thoughtless urge within us,
When we forget there are others with whom we depend,
And strike out for our own lonely me pleasure,
In the name of enterprise that is free in name only,
But kills us.

The Ethics of Sustainable Urbanism
Keys to stronger community:

Good governance
Walkable, connected, mixed-use character
Parks and gardens
Neighborhood-responsive schools
Tree culture
Diversity and inclusion
Resistance to sprawl

Scott Owen, PlaceMakers; Ken Benfield, NRDC