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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Cusp of Humankind

In mountain climbing, I have often hiked on narrow ledges that fell rapidly on both sides to a great depth. I walked so very carefully and deliberately because I knew that one misstep would fell me to oblivion.

Recent readings have me feeling this way but for all humankind. One reading was a projection of the future of the earth if we do not curb carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Another was about Sweden as the most open and generous nation on earth receiving hundreds of thousands of Mid-East refugees because Europe, the Union, and the rest of the world is coming up short

Every moment of human life is a crisis personally and socially. That merely means we always stand at the beginning of the future and must decide here and now who we will be. But some points are more significant than others because of the depth and breadth of their consequences. Climate change, extreme inequality, tribal warfare, and uncritical beliefs have brought us to such a point.

Do we choose to endure shorter term inconvenience for longer term benefits? Do we decide against immediate self interests for the sake of the common good. Do we choose to actualize our relationship with all, even the least regarded in our society, even though some may disapprove? Do we choose to be a humankind with empathy over a humankind of greed, fear, and hate?

I experience humankind and me personally at this point of choice. I want to do what the human existence I do experience directs me to do. I want to choose universal empathy and solidarity, I want to choose a wholly relational world, I want to choose a future for my descendents, I want to choose hope and transcendence. But I need you to make that decision with me.