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Saturday, November 10, 2012

All for Obama

Guest Blogger Bernie:

Greetings!    Thought I would let you know about the campaigning we did for the President!  We spent a day knocking on doors in Alexandria, then a full day in Spotsylvania (no kidding!!) and then a trip down to Newport News, VA.    Left on Sunday morning and home on Wednesday, in a rented car. 

Our assignments in Newport News put us into a threesome with Nema Taghavi.  The campaign staff told us that if we could get out the vote in this area, we would win Virginia and it would have been next to impossible for Romney to win…so knew we had a mission!  We were the three musketeers and we worked hard and enjoyed the team work we did….We were assigned to very poor, mostly African American communities.  For the first two days we asked if they were going to vote and if they were supporting the President and when they were planning to vote and if they needed a ride.

Then on Tuesday morning we were off just to ask if they voted or when they were going and if they needed a ride or left a sticky note reminding them to go vote. 

This was an amazing ground campaign and we were so proud to do this.  Then about an hour before we would have been done, I guess I glanced at the GPS to see just where we would be turning when the car went into the ditch and was totaled…so I was told by fire, towing and  police.  Several people stopped to see what they could do…we had fire, ambulance and police…what a site we were… Tree on the right stopped us, my window blew out and car a mess but fortunately Nema, Rollie and I are good.  Police said if I had been going fast the tree would have sent us flying…thanks god I was not…Nema went to the hospital for a few hours for a couple of CTs and xrays…but fortunately had no broken bones and was released.  Thank god for drugs tho! 

Rollie’s brother Bill, came to pick us up and became our hero for the day!   We spent the night  with Bill and Marcia.  Then Rollie got a car and we picked up Nema and Rollie drove us home.  For sure, this election will be one we will remember!!!!

And so I am looking for a new vehicle…I am thinking of a used military tank…..that ought to do it!  Anyway, our efforts were worth every minute and a car!   Take care….hugs to you all!  Bernie